3 easy steps to do

1. support

Support families raising a child with any amount of money.

You can do so here.

2. dive in

Immerse yourself, soak in any way and anywhere in cold water.

Calm down, or only symbolically, if you have no experience with hardening.

Soak in a pond, creek, sink, …

Just dip your foot, for example. It's up to you.

3. pass it on

Dare two or more of Your friends, colleagues or family members to take on the challenge and support Raná péče in the process!

Dip in it with us and send on the message!!!

You can also take a picture, record a video and post a photo, or post the recording on your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #nebudsrab , or upload your performance here:

We look forward to sharing your courage. However, neither photo nor video is required.


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about early care

What is early care

Early care is a free service for families in which a child with a severe disability is born. It is intended for families with children with disabilities aged from birth to seven years. It is a mostly field service, which means that early care workers commute to the family directly at home and in a child's safe environment show parents how they can develop the child, stimulate his senses and overall development, what toys or aids to choose, how to communicate with the child. They will recommend how to adjust the home environment, offer social counseling, recommend other experts in the region & hellip; And all for free for the family.

Early Care Society

Our Early Care Society has been helping families with children with disabilities for 30 years, so we have enough experience and we rely on providing the most professional support to families. We offer help to families with children with visual impairments and combined disabilities, with physical or mental disabilities, including children with ASD.

We currently operate in 10 regions of the Czech Republic and commute to more than 800 families a year. We enable children with disabilities to live in a similar way to the lives of other children, ie in the family, community, village, by bringing professionals to the families of children with disabilities at home.

How early care is funded

According to the Social Services Act, early care is provided to families free of charge. It is partly financed by the state through regions and municipalities. However, public resources cannot provide support wherever it is needed. An important partner for our vision is individual donors - everyone who is close to the idea of ​​early care that all children should grow up at home.

Thank you to all of you who support early care! Thanks to your donation, we can help families who find themselves in a very difficult situation after the birth of a child with a disability - as if someone threw them in icy water and said: swim …

Thanks to everyone who gets involved with us!

You can find more about the Early Care Society as well as all branch contacts, family stories and much more here: www.ranapece. com

who dove in

Thanks to everyone who has already dived in for support of families with children with disabilities!

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